What’s With The Weather?

eye of the storm

New IPCC report released – The weather is always changing. But now the climate is changing too! This just-released report explains how altered climates are changing the weather all over the world.


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Climate Change Forum

Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries

Arid agriculture in the Middle EastStrategies and investments with “bottom up” input from local stake- holders are a good starting point, not a substitute for further evaluation.


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Featured video:

Hope in a Climate of Denial – In this inspiring Soup & Hope talk, Dave Wolfe and Lauren Chambliss explain how they maintain hope for the future even in the face of the reality of climate change.

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Featured Resource

Community Adaptation to Flooding in a Changing ClimateCommunity Adaptation to Flooding in a Changing Climate: Municipal Officials’ Actions, Decision-Making, and Barriers [2-page Community and Regional Development Institute (CARDI) Research and Policy Brief, December 2013] – Climate change is expected to increase the intensity and frequency of flooding in New York State, with the number of annual 2-inch (or more) precipitation events predicted to increase by 50% in the next century. This brief examines how communities are addressing changes in flood patterns, barriers to flood adaptation, and more.

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Climate Change Q&A

Q: Is it true that climate change is being caused by natural variations in the sun’s output, not human activity?

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