What’s With The Weather?

eye of the storm

A Record a Day Keeps the Apples Away! – Another record warm winter. But April cold snap may have damaged fruit crops in the Northeast.


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Climate Change Forum

Business leaders will bring politicians to the table on climate change

tractor and windmillNow that the majority of people in both political parties accept that climate change is occurring, Washington’s top task is to catch up with the rest of the country and engage in a real debate about practical solutions.


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Featured video:

Climate, Infrared Radiation, Blowtorch, Action!
Cornell climate scientist Toby Ault, Department of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, uses pyrotechnics to demonstrate the greenhouse effect using an infrared camera, a metal globe, a blowtorch, and a piece of glass.

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Featured Resource

CICCA-RPB_Issue1_Understanding-the-Views-and-Actions-of-Ux150Understanding the Views and Actions of U.S. Farmers Towards Climate Change - Many U.S. farmers have noticed changes in weather patterns and an increase in extreme weather, yet remain skeptical about climate change and the long-term risks it poses. Studies show the majority of farmers  believe that climate change is happening, but fewer farmers believe that climate change is human-caused than those who believe that climate change is occurring.

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