CICCA researchers speak at Stone Barns Conference

On December 3, 2014, Dr. Allison Chatrchyan and Dr. Art DeGaetano gave expert presentations as part of the Stone Barns Center 7th Annual National Young Farmers Conference, providing participants with access to inspiring keynotes and unique workshops that address soil science, technical skills, agricultural policy, farm business management, conservation and more.

The CICCA presentations were part of the Pre-Conference on Agroecology and Climate Change, which was organized as a day of workshops and conversations with scientists, farmers and policy experts to explore issues related to agriculture and climate change, with a focus on mitigation and adaptation strategies. Dr. Chatrchyan provide an interdisciplinary overview of “Climate Change Impacts on Farms in the Northeast: Adaptation, Mitigation, Policy and Stakeholder Engagement Options,” while Dr. DeGaetano provided an overview of the science of climate change in a presentation on “Climate Change and Farming: Where We’ve Been, and Where We’re Going.

The Pre-Conference was covered by the national media: