CICCA Building Climate Smart Farming Website

A CICCA team of researchers, social scientists and extension specialists are building a new one-stop-shop website for farmers in the Northeast: Farmers have indicated the need for more regionally and locally-specific information on climate impacts, and specific practices they can implement now to help them adapt to climate change and reduce their carbon footprint. The website will have several main sections, all usable on a computer, tablet or smart phone:

  • An overview of the climate impacts to agriculture in the Northeast
  • Online, weather and climate-based decision support tools, such as a Growing Degree Day Calculator, Evapotranspiration Calculator, and Frost Risk Tool. Further tools will be built based on farmer needs
  • Climate Smart Farmer Videos: Farmers talking to farmers about the impacts they are experiencing and how they are adapting
  • Links to Climate Smart Farming Extension specialists
  • Resources and Best Management Practices
  • A Forum for farmers, extension and researchers to share information about practices that work well.

For more information on the project, contact Art DeGaetano or Allison Chatrchyan.