Global CSA Workshop

Cornell University and GACSA will showcase cutting edge research and applied projects in a Global CSA Workshop being held September 27th at the Cornell Club in New York, during Climate Week NYC. The Global Alliance for Climate Smart Agriculture (GACSA) aims to catalyze and help create transformational partnerships to encourage integrated actions to achieve the three pillars of CSA: sustainably increasing agricultural productivity and incomes (food security); adapting and building resilience to climate change (adaptation); and reducing and/or removing GHG emissions, where possible (mitigation).

During the workshop, experts from Cornell, FAO, the World Bank, research institutes, North American Climate Smart Agriculture Alliance, USDA, companies and NGOs will provide updates on policies, projects, tools and practices that can help farmers around the globe achieve the goals of Climate-Smart Agriculture (CSA) as soon as possible. Specific topics will include enhancing the enabling environment for CSA (metrics and finance, business partnerships and NDCs), and CSA practices (including soil health, use of precision-agriculture, agroforestry and efficient irrigation).

The impacts of climate change are reducing the capacity of natural resources (soil, water and biodiversity) to sustain food demand of the world’s increasing population. Food security and climate change are therefore interlinked challenges that need to be addressed simultaneously. Agriculture sectors are those most directly impacted by climate change and also largely contribute to global greenhouse gas emissions. Agriculture offers unique opportunities for synergies between climate change adaptation and mitigation actions. At the same time, it is at the heart of all efforts to achieve food security and foster rural development. Increasing resource efficiency in agriculture and building resilience to climate risks are the key actions for undertaking these challenges. This implies a significant transformation of agriculture and food systems, with concerted and coordinated involvement and action of all stakeholders on a long-term perspective.

Stay tuned for photos and stories from the event!