CICSS Travels to Bonn, Germany for a Research Dialogue at the UNFCC SB50 Meeting

 This week, Dr. Allison Chatrchyan and Dr. Danielle Eiseman are traveling to Bonn, Germany for the Research Dialogue at the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) SB50 Meeting on June 20, 2019. The meeting is titled “Science for Transformation” and explores the themes of:

  1. Transformation of energy and other sectoral systems to achieve the purpose and long-term goals of the Paris Agreement.
  2. Transformative adaptation and climate resilient development.
  3. Changing levels of risk and the attribution of extreme climate events and impacts to climate change.
  4. Role of the ocean in the climate system.

Dr. Chatrchyan and Dr. Eiseman will be presenting a poster that highlights the mission, goals, and research of CICSS, with a focus on the organization’s Climate Smart Farming, Climate Smart Communities, and youth engagement programs and resources. They will also highlight CICSS’s extension work and critical partnerships that have made these programs a success. Their talk will focus on the second theme of “Transformative adaptation and climate resilient development” and innovations in the social sciences. It will include an emphasis on the need for further social science research with farmers, community members, and youth to better understand how stakeholders are being impacted by climate change, the actions they are taking to respond, and the policies needed to support sustainable and resilient behaviors.