ACSF Climate Change Focus Group

The Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future (ACSF) Climate Change Focus Group (CCFG) began in 2008 and currently has 14 faculty members from across campus, representing disciplines such as: climate science, ecology, agriculture, economics, history, and social sciences. The CCFG has several roles , including:

  1. Advise ACSF and the university at large on research priorities, and campus strengths and needs related to climate change.
  2. Initiate or engage in university climate change initiatives, such as conferences, new courses and faculty searches.
  3. Provide a focal point for Cornell climate change activities and information, including teaching and outreach efforts.

The CCFG members helped in organization of the spring 2009 Climate Change Forum, which included both a 4-credit course for students and a public seminar series involving a prestigious list of internationally recognized outside speakers. In early 2010 the CCFG released the Cornell climate change website ( that indicates relevant Cornell courses, a description of dozens of research and outreach programs on climate change at Cornell, upcoming events, and other information. Several CCFG members were involved in establishing a university-wide minor in climate change.

As indicated at the website, Cornell, as a Land Grant university, has unique breadth and depth in teaching, research, and outreach on climate change. The long-term goal of ACSF’s Climate Change Program is to build on current strengths so that Cornell provides effective leadership addressing societal climate change needs in research, policy development, teaching, and outreach.

CCSF Climate Change Focus Group Members