April Lacking Showers

Northeast precipitation April 2013April showers were lacking in the Northeast in April 2013, as 32 of 35 climate monitoring sites wrapped up the month with below normal precipitation, according to the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell University. In fact, 18 sites ranked this April among their top 30 driest. The prolonged dryness in southern New England led to the expansion of drought conditions into that area. For the latest information on drought conditions, check out the Northeast Drought page.

As the Northeast Climate Impacts Report (2009) notes, precipitation patterns in the Northeast will continue to change in the coming decade. More rainfall will occur in short, hard downpours, and extended dry periods will be more common in between those events. This could lead to an increase in periods of short term drought, as the Northeast region has begun to experience this month. For more information on future precipitation changes in the Northeast caused by climate change, see the 2009 Northeast Climate Impacts Report on the US Global Research Change Research Program website – a newly updated draft version of the Northeast Climate Impacts report is also available.

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