Biology and Society Major

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Biology and Society Major

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Science and Technology Studies

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Kathleen Vogel
Director of Undergraduate Studies; 607-255-2248

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The Biology and Society Major is suited for students who wish to combine the study of biology with studies of the social sciences and humanities on the social, political, and ethical aspects of modern biology. As part of the major, students develop a theme, which consists of an intellectually coherent group of courses representative of their interests in Biology and Society. One popular theme in the major is the Environment and Society theme.

The major, which involves faculty from throughout the University, is offered through the Department of Science & Technology Studies; students in the colleges of Arts and Sciences, Human Ecology and Agriculture and Life Sciences are eligible for the major.
Many graduates have accepted positions as policy analysts and researchers for government organizations, medical institutions, consumer or environmental groups, or scientific research institutes. Students have found that Biology and Society is also excellent preparation for professional training in medicine, law, and health services administration and for graduate programs in such fields as genetic counseling, nutrition, clinical psychology, public health, environmental studies, anthropology, sociology, and other related fields.

A sampling of 2009-2010 courses in the Biology and Society major that relate to climate change and the environment include:

NTRES 2201 Society and Natural Resources
NTRES 2320 Nature and Culture
NTRES 2010 Environmental Conservation
NTRES 3320 Introduction to Ethics and Environment
NTRES 4300 Environment and Natural Resources Policy Processes
NTRES 4310 Environmental Strategies
NTRES 4330 Applied Environmental Philosophy
BSOC/STS 2061 Ethics and the Environment
STS 4291 Politics of Science
STS 3241 Environment and Society
BSOC/STS 4131 Comparative Environmental History
BSOC 3311 Environmental Governance
BSOC 6611 Environmental Policy
CRP 3800 Environmental Politics
CRP 4510 Environmental Law
HIST 3150 Environmental History: The US & the World
COMM 4210 Communication and the Environment
BEE 3299 Sustainable Development
BioEE 2610 Ecology and the Environment
EAS 3220 Biogeochemistry of the Hawaiian Islands
EAS 3510 Marine Ecosystems Field Course
CSS 4100 Environmental Impacts of Agricultural Biotechnology

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Science and Technology Studies website.

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