Climate change impacts on wildlife

Program topic:

Climate Change Impacts on Wildlife

Department or unit:

Cornell Center for Wildlife Conservation


Alexander J. Travis VMD, PhD
Director, Cornell Center for Wildlife Conservation

Brief description:

My interest in climate change is through its impact on wildlife. As climate changes, the habitat upon which animals depend will also vary.  As a hedge against extinction, developing and maintaining captive populations of threatened and endangered species will become increasingly important. My laboratory studies the basic reproductive physiology of a variety of species in an effort to better manage their reproduction in captivity. In addition, my lab has worked on new technologies of assisted reproduction in an effort to preserve the genetic diversity of those individuals.  My other main interest in climate change is working to save natural ecosystems by focusing on human poverty and hunger in rural areas of high biodiversity value. We engage with several partners to help farmers become resilient to shocks caused by climate by improving household farming, including livestock and crops.

For more information:

Center for Wildlife Conservation web site

Category: Agricultural, Agriculture/Farming, Biodiversity, Conservation, Dairy and other livestock, Ecosystems, Research, Terrestrial, Wildlife

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