Cornell Tech designed ‘for next century’

Rendition of what the Cornell NYC Tech campus will look like.With its innovative approach to sustainable design, the new Cornell NYC Tech campus on Roosevelt Island will be more than another ivory tower, as its forward-leaning design has innovative building technologies.

Some of the sustainable strategies include: optimal building orientation to maximize photovoltaic performance, efficient geothermal heating and cooling systems, high-performance building envelopes, daylight harvesting to limit the use of electric lighting, efficient lighting systems that use the latest proven technology and controls, and possible passive house criteria for residential towers. The first academic building, for example, will consume ultra-low energy and use geothermal heat pump heating and cooling, and energy from solar photovoltaic panels.

While the campus will take advantage of its natural habitat by incorporating rain gardens, green roofs and reforestation, it will also take measures to protect against any tidal surges caused by rising sea levels or future storms such as Hurricane Sandy.

“We believe global warming is real,” said Kyu-Jung Whang, Cornell vice president for facilities services. Over the next few decades the current 500-year flood level could replace the 100-year flood level, he said. “In addition to raising the level of the site, we are using the natural topography of the island, where there is a ridge down the center, to place the entry points of all future buildings on campus,” he added.

Read the whole article. [Cornell Chronicle 2013-11-20]

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