Effects of climate change on vulnerable populations

Program or topic of research

A research agenda focused on the intersection of sustainability and the effects a changing climate has on vulnerable populations, including people with disabilities, the aging, and indigenous peoples. Employment and Disability Institute (EDI), Sustainability, Disability Policy, Research, and Practice.

Department or unit

Employment and Disability Institute (EDI), ILR School, Cornell University

Contact information

David Filiberto, Sustainability Research Specialist, Employment and Disability Institute
306 Dolgen Hall
Cornell University
Ithaca, NY 14853
E-mail: dmf22@cornell.edu
Phone: 607-592-5906

Program goals

Advance the understanding of the role of sustainability and related effects on persons with disabilities and other vulnerable populations.

Brief description of your program

The connections between sustainability, climate disruption, the green economy, and marginalized populations, have not been well documented.  Persons with disabilities are potentially one of the most vulnerable populations, disproportionally affected by the confluence of these events.   The Employment and Disability Institute is working with Cornell and external partners to examine the effect of these factors on vulnerable populations, such as those with disabilities, the aging population, and indigenous peoples.

More information

The Employment and Disability Institute website


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Category: Community response, Research

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