Effects of globalization and climate change on air quality

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Effects of globalization and climate change on air quality

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Department of City and Regional Planning

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Kieran P. Donaghy
Professor and Chair

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I am presently working with atmospheric scientist Peter Hess, mechanical engineer K. Max Zhang, and several Ph.D. students, on a multi-year EPA STAR research project to investigate potential effects of globalization (fragmentation of production and increased volume of trade, hence freight movement) and climate change on air quality in the Midwest, Northeast, and Atlantic states of the U.S.  We have developed time series data on interindustry and interstate freight flows, calibrated a 13-sector dynamic commodity flow model for 14 states and the rest of the US, and are employing the model in simulations of alternative scenarios concerning changes in international trade, transportation infrastructure, technology, and climate.  Emission outputs from the model, indexed by location, will be fed to climate models of the National Center for Atmospheric Research to compute projections of changes in air quality.

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Category: Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Economics, General, Government, Research, Transportation

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