Framing the climate change message

Program or topic of research

Framing the climate change message

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Jonathon Schuldt
Assistant Professor, Communication

Program goals 

What roles do expressed claims, labeling and terminology have in shaping public opinion and effective communications?

Brief description of program 

Professor Schuldt’s research focuses on the factors that influence judgments, decisions, and public opinion in the health and environment domains with a specific interest in message framing, health claims and food labeling, and political communication.  Dr. Schuldt is currently researching the effects of framing on the controversial climate change and hydraulic fracturing debates.  The study proposes that subtle wording differences (climate change v. global warming, hydraulic fracturing v. fracking) may in fact have meaningful impacts on public opinion, and that partisans may be “talking past” one another when they use different terms.

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Category: Communications, Community response, Research, Social Science

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