handshake_250_1CICSS invites you to help us shape the future of climate smart environmental, agricultural, and social systems in the Northeastern US, by supporting integrated, interdisciplinary research and extension work at Cornell University.

Funding Opportunities

Your gift of any amount will help the Institute:

  • Support the innovative Climate Smart Farming program.
  • Provide a summer internship or work-study experience for an undergraduate student.
  • Support travel for researchers to attend scientific meetings.
  • Fund books and journals for the CICSS library.
  • Support innovative, interdisciplinary applied research projects.
  • Sponsor seminar speakers.
  • Support researchers and programmers developing decision tools.
  • Sponsor a stakeholder engagement training or workshop.

Yes, I Would Like to Help You Grow!

Why Support CICSS?

As the land grant institution for New York State, Cornell has a long and proud history of making the world a better place to live, including climate change research that will improve our quality of life and life on our planet. The land-grant concept represents a dynamic research and educational experience: the body of knowledge constantly changes through research and experimentation, and is disseminated to the public through extension education networks. New knowledge from the field in turn brings new ideas and expanded opportunities, often followed by new milestones and advancements in research.  As a new institute, we are seeing our funding grow as we continue to support cutting-edge research collaborations and develop new climate smart programs. But we need your help!

As the recognition grows that climate change will have profound impacts, and also provide interesting opportunities, across the Northeast, interest in this issue will only increase. The benefits of our work are often dispersed broadly across society, and it is difficult for all the beneficiaries of our work to contribute directly to our efforts. That is why we must rely on donors to help enhance the programs we offer, so that climate change can remain at the forefront of research, extension, and education at Cornell.

Current Funders

The Institute thanks those who have supported our efforts since formation in 2013. Current sources of funding include:

Recent Accomplishments

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For Further Info

Thank you for considering a gift to the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions. Gifts to Cornell are tax-deductible to the full extent of the Internal Revenue Code. For further details, please contact:

Allison Chatrchyan
Director, Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions
Cornell University
103 Rice Hall, Ithaca, NY  14853
Phone:  607.254.8808