Global climate variability and climate change through atmospheric interaction

Program or topic

Global climate variability and climate change through atmospheric interaction

Department(s) or unit(s)

Dept. of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Contact information

Gang Chen

Assistant Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Bradfield Hall, Room 1115

Program goals

Understanding the large-scale variability of the physical climate systems (with a focus on atmospheric circulation and hydrological cycle) and their changes under natural or anthropogenic forcings.

Brief Description

Through developing theories and models of the global atmospheric circulation, I investigate the dynamics of the physical climate systems and the implications for climate variability and climate change. I am also interested in the impacts of global climate change at a regional scale, for example, possible influences of climate change on the number of storms or the frequency of extreme weather over the Northeast of the US.

For further information

Web Links:

Gang Chen’s Homepage

Recent Publications:

  • Chen, G., Lu. J and D.M.W. Frierson, 2008. Phase Speed Spectra and the Latitude of Surface Westerlies: Interannual Variability and Global Warming Trend. J. Climate, 21: 5942-5959.
  • Lu, J., Chen, G. and D.M.W. Frierson, 2008. Response of the Zonal Mean Atmospheric Circulation of El Nino versus Global Warming. J. Climate, 21: 5835-5851.

Category: Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

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