Impact of climate change on nutritional quality of crops

Program or topic of research 

Impact of climate change on nutritional quality of crops

Department or unit 

Plant Breeding and Genetics

Contact information 

Michael Gore

Program goals 

Improve the nutritional content of crops through breeding

Brief description of program

Dr. Gore’s expertise is in the field of quantitative genetics and genomics, especially the seed traits related to nutritional quality such as provitamin A, vitamin E, and B vitamins. He also contributes to the development and application of field-based, high-throughput phenotyping (observable physical or biochemical characteristics) tools for plant breeding and genetics research. High-throughput phenotyping allows scientists to rapidly assess multiple characteristics of plants in breeding programs, greatly expediting the selection of traits such as drought and heat tolerance. In addition, he is researching the impact of abiotic stress caused by climate change on the nutritional content and composition of grain and root crops in Sub-Saharan Africa.

More information

Category: Agriculture/Farming, Human health, Research

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