In the news: New apple freeze risk tool and more


Apple blossoms killed by a spring frost in 2012, after a long stretch of warm days. (Photo: Gregory M. Peck)

Apple blossoms killed by a spring frost in 2012, after a long stretch of warm days. (Photo: Gregory M. Peck)

New tool gives apple farms hope in fight against spring freezes [Cornell Chronicle 2017-02-24] - This February’s warm weather is nice in the Northeast, but apple farmers may pay a price if winter roars back. To help growers assess precarious temperatures in turbulent springs, the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions has developed a new Apple Freeze Risk decision tool. “I think the warm weather we’re seeing this week may push the apple trees into vulnerable stages,” said Art DeGaetano, professor of earth and atmospheric sciences and director of Cornell’s Northeast Regional Climate Center.  Read more.

Climate change in Vietnam spurs students to speak up  [Cornell Chronicle 2017-02-22] - Ten Cornell students spent two weeks of their winter break on a journey through Vietnam, listening to farmers and community members, and seeing the effects of climate change firsthand. The trip was part of an interdisciplinary course, “Climate Change Awareness and Service Learning in the Mekong Delta,” led by Michael Hoffmann and Thúy Tranviet. In the fall, the students took classes that introduced them to global climate change and Vietnamese language, culture and history. Read more.

Cornell helps Fijians use eyes in the sky for climate studies [Cornell Chronicle 2017-02-21] - To help Fijian scientists track oceanic climate change for their islands in the sun, Cornell’s Bruce Monger unveils eyes in the sky: satellite remote sensing. “Increased storms and rising sea levels loom darkly over South Pacific nations and I want to help them improve their satellite observational capabilities,” said Monger, lecturer in earth and atmospheric science. “Scientists in this region must understand climate change threats, in order to better plan for adaptation and mitigation efforts.” Read more.


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