Maize Breeding for Future Agroecologies

Program or topic of research:

Maize Breeding for Future Agroecologies

Department or unit:

Plant Breeding and Genetics

Contact information:

Margaret Smith

Program goals:

This program aims to breed maize types with enhanced tolerance to abiotic and biotic stresses, better micronutrient nutritional quality, and good yield potential. Both germplasm (adapted locally) and breeding methods and approaches (relevant both locally and internationally) are being developed.

Brief description:

My maize breeding effort focuses on adaptation to the northeastern US (relatively early maturity, disease and insect tolerance, good stalk quality). It includes a breeding project to develop varieties specifically adapted to organic production systems. For our international efforts, the focus is on drought tolerance, nitrogen use efficiency, multiple disease resistance, and improved micronutrient nutrition.

More information:

Category: Agriculture/Farming, Plant breeding and genetics, Research

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