Modeling impacts of projected climate change on northeastern forests

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Modeling impacts of projected climate change on northeastern forests

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Ecology & Evolutionary Biology

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Christine L. Goodale, Assistant Professor

Program goals

My lab group examines multiple factors that affect forest carbon balance, as an important sink for atmospheric CO2. These factors include land-use change, atmospheric N deposition, and climate change itself.

Brief Description

We are developing new routines for decomposition and carbon allocation for the PnET-CN forest ecosystem model to quantify changes in forest C, N, and water balance across the Northeast U.S. in responses to changes in climate and atmospheric chemistry for 1900 to 2000 and projected to 2100 (NICCR, NSRC). Simulations of forest growth over the past 50-80 years will be compared with observed forest growth trends to test model hypotheses on the effects of CO2, N deposition, and climate over the last 50-100 years (NSF).

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  • Ollinger, SV, CL Goodale, K Hayhoe, JP Jenkins. 2008. Potential effects of climate change and rising CO2 on ecosystem processes in Northeastern U.S. forests. Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies for Global Change 13:467-485.

Category: Carbon credits, sequestration, Ecosystems, Greenhouse gasses, aerosols, Terrestrial

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