Moving Image and the Environment

Program or topic of research

Two areas of teaching and research: 1) how the moving image is used to represent the environment, climate change, and sustainability. 2) how the environmental changes and degradation now occurring impact the psychological health of those affected.

Department or unit

The Department of Performing and Media Arts, College of Arts and Sciences.

Contact information

Don Frederickson
Theatre Arts and Film and Video Studies

Program goals

To teach and research about the crucial use of the moving image’ representation of the environment as a part of the necessary education for contemporary students of the environment and artists of the moving image, and for informed citizenship. To generate with colleagues dealing with the psychological effects of climate change an awareness of the dangers therein, via teaching, publication, and conferences.

Brief description of your program

I now teach a course on “The Moving Image and the Environment” in the Department of Performing and Media Arts. I am actively researching and publishing regarding both the moving image’s representation of the environment, and  the psychological effects of environmental degradation.

For more information

The Association for the Study of Literature and the Environment (ASLE)

Category: Community response, General, Human health, Research, Social Science

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