Northeast Regional Climate Center

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Northeast Regional Climate Center

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  • Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

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Art DeGaetano

Professor, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences

Director, Northeast Regional Climate Center


Program goals

Northeast Regional Climate Center’s goal is to model climate influences on man-made and biological systems, documenting observed variations in the climate system, improving climate data quality, and assessing impacts and adaptations to climate change.

Brief Description

With climate researchers depending on an ever-expanding pool of historical and projected future climatological data, Dr. DeGaetano and the Northeast Regional Climate Center (NRCC) are working to enhance the accuracy and usefulness of that information in the Northeast U.S. DeGaetano and his collaborators analyze how various conditions including temperature and precipitation change through time, and apply rigorous quality control standards to this information. By questioning whether historical trends are a result of true changes in the climate or simply modifications in the way they are measured, the NRCC applies rigorous new standards to how climate information is interpreted. DeGaetano and his collaborators employ this climate data in an interdisciplinary fashion which allows for the viewing of many aspects of society through a climate change lens. In this way, diverse groups from farmers to health-care specialists can gain a better understanding of how a changing climate will affect management decisions.

For more information


Art DeGaetano’s Home Page

Northeast Regional Climate Center

The Applied Climate Information System

Key publications:

  • Tryhorn, L. and A.T. DeGaetano, 2011: ‘2100? It Doesn’t Keep Me Up at Night!’: Lessons for the Next Generation of Climate Assessments, Bull. of the Amer. Meteorol. Soc., 92, 1137-1148.
  • Brown, P.J. and A.T. DeGaetano, 2011: A paradox of cooling winter soil surface temperatures in a warming northeastern United States, Agric. and For. Meteorol.,151, 947-956.
  • DeGaetano, A.T. 2006. Overview of Climate Change Science. Climate Change and Northeast Agriculture, Promoting Practical and Profitable Responses. [Available online at]

Category: Climate science/modeling, Earth & Atmospheric Sciences

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