Perceptions and Attitudes of Climate Change and Energy Sustainability

Program or topic

Perceptions and Attitudes of Climate Change and Energy Sustainability

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  • Department of Natural Resources
  • Human Dimensions Research

Contact information

Richard C. Stedman
Director, Human Dimensions Research Unit

Program goals

Public perceptions – of climate change, of energy sustainability, of local, regional, and global impacts- – play a key role in fostering or inhibiting climate related behaviors. I have been engaged in several projects in this realm, two of which are described here.

Brief description

The first project is a National Science Foundation funded project, in collaboration with the Paleontological Research Institute, examines climate related perceptions among residents of two rural New York State Regions, one with an agricultural base (Western New York), and the other (the Adirondacks) with a strong tourism and second home-based economy.

The second project in this area explores perceived risks and benefits of different forms of energy development—particularly unconventional “shale gas” and wind power– in the Northeast United States. Shale gas has alternatively been touted as a “green” or “bridge” energy source that can also foster unprecedented rural economic development, and an environmentally and socially problematic energy source that carries with it a host of unwelcome side effects. Concomitantly, wind energy development—with its own cast of proponents and detractors—is co-occurring in the same region, leading to potential cumulative impacts. Several specific studies in this area have been funded in part by Smith-Lever/Hatch, EPA-STAR, and various foundations. A portion of this work has been conducted jointly with Penn State University to introduce a comparative perspective. In this vein, a new project funded by the Canadian Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) has broadened the comparative perspective to engage issues that span international borders.

For More Information:

Publications on perceptions of New York residents to climate change:

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Publications on perceptions of wind and shale gas development

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Category: Fossil fuels, Policy, Research, Social Science, Wind

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