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Cornell experts and others weigh in on a wide range of climate change issues.


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Business leaders will bring politicians to the table on climate change

By David Wolfe This article originally appeared in The Hill [2015-11-02]. Now that the majority of people in both political parties accept that climate change is occurring, Washington’s top task is to catch up with the rest of the country — particularly business and farming communities — and engage in a real debate about practical .. Read More

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Cornellians travel to Paris for global climate summit

Learn more about the Cornell Delegation to COP 21 - Events, delegation videos, and other resources at Cornell’s Atkinson Center for a Sustainable Future website. Cornell Chronicle [2015-11-18] Cornell researchers will travel to Paris in early December as part of the university’s delegation to the global climate change summit, COP. Even in the wake of the recent .. Read More

In a few instances, we’ve managed to pull a species back from the brink of extinction – as in the case of the American bison. But our losses outnumber our victories and we are only now beginning to understand the critical role wildlife play in healthy ecosystems. Remove one, and the system changes. (Photo: Arturo de Frias Marques (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0], via Wikimedia Commons.)

The ‘One Health’ case for environmental policy action

So a guy walks into his doctor’s office with a nasty-looking cut on his arm. The doctor examines it and says, “Hmm, that’s pretty bad. Why don’t you wait until gangrene sets in and then come back and see me?” Sounds pretty ridiculous, right? We don’t withhold medical care until a patient is in critical .. Read More


The Light Bulb and the Oil Spill: Two Modern Fables

By Aaron Sachs On September 4, 1882, at 3 p.m., Thomas Edison was in J.P. Morgan’s offices on Wall Street—literally inside the mahogany walls—and when he closed a switch shortly after the clock struck three, hundreds of his incandescent bulbs lit up simultaneously in a 5-block radius all around him.  It seemed like a miracle .. Read More

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2030 could be ‘cross-over year’ for climate change responsibility

By Kate Ravilious This article originally appeared on [2014-08-20] When it comes to climate change, which countries are the biggest sinners? Who is responsible for the most warming to date, and which countries will contribute most in the future? A comprehensive study, which includes the impact of short-lived greenhouse gases and aerosols, plus land-use change, confirms that .. Read More

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‘Re-plumbing’ our watersheds

Rethinking roadside ditch management can reduce flooding and pollution, recharge groundwater and buffer the impacts of climate change By Rebecca Schneider Until recently, concerns about climate change have focused mostly on warming temperatures. But there is growing recognition of the potentially more serious impacts from changes in precipitation patterns. Drought in California, Texas and the .. Read More

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Building Response Strategies for Climate Adaptation in Developing Countries

By David R. Lee Climate change presents challenges for all people and all countries, but for many of those in developing countries, the challenges are particularly acute. Most of world’s poor live in rural areas, and most rural people depend fundamentally on agriculture and natural resources. Due to this dependence on the natural resource base, .. Read More

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Animal Agriculture in a Changing Climate

By Jennifer Pronto In the northeastern United States, people aren’t the only ones being affected by shifts in weather patterns and extreme weather events. Livestock, namely dairy and swine as well as poultry live closely with these changes.  Projections show an increased frequency of days with extreme heat, meaning increased heat stress.  Increased heat stress .. Read More

A Picnic in Arnot Forest by Alison Mason Kingsbury (1961). Collection of The History Center in Tompkins County, used with permission.

Preparing for the Forests of the Future

By David Weinstein Climate change will reshape our forests. This reality is causing considerable concern among the growing numbers of small private forest owners who cherish and care for their woods.  Additionally, pressure is growing on public and institutional managers to keep the forests under their protection healthy and productive in the face of climate .. Read More

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Addressing Climate Change at the Municipal Level

By Allison Chatrchyan Local officials are the first responders when an extreme weather event affects their community, and many communities are experiencing the immediate and long-term effects of climate change, which can be devastating to local economies. For example, 2013 damage estimates for the flooding of the Mohawk Valley and Niagara County, N.Y. alone were .. Read More

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Planning for the Future with Climate Models

by Yun Zheng Most people are familiar with weather because it affects their daily lives. People use weather forecasts as a statistical tool to help them decide whether or not they should bring an umbrella tomorrow, plan a picnic this coming weekend, or stay at home when a storm is coming. Weather refers to physical .. Read More

Growing legume cover crops can help use less nitrogen fertilizer, which can be a source of nitrous oxide -- a potent greenhouse gas.

Gardeners part of climate-change solution

By Craig Cramer There are many things gardeners can do to cope with climate change. And at the same time, they can reduce their greenhouse gas emissions and take other steps to slow the warming of the planet. That’s the message delivered by David Wolfe, professor in the Department of Horticulture at Cornell University, in .. Read More