Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from dairy cattle

Program or topic of research 

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions from dairy cattle

Department or unit 

Animal Science

Contact information 

Mike Van Amburgh 

Program goals 

Optimize the productive efficiency of Dairy Cattle

Brief description of program 

Dr. Van Amburgh’s research focuses on several aspects of productive efficiency of dairy cattle. One particular area of research focuses on optimizing feed intake to minimize methane and ammonia emissions from cattle.  The Cornell Net Carbohydrate and Protein System developed by Dr. Van Amburgh and others helps optimize the nutrient requirements and is now used around the world to help balance rations for 3 million dairy cows. He is now embarking on studies to further describe the efficiency of use of absorbed amino acids with the goal of further enhancing the efficiency of use of protein by the dairy cow.

More information

Category: Agriculture/Farming, Dairy and other livestock, Research

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