Renewable energy from grass biomass

Program or topic of research

Renewable energy from grass biomass

Department or unit 

Soils and Crop Sciences

Contact information 

Jerry Cherney
Professor, Soils and Crop Sciences 

Program goals 

Improve management of forage crops and  grass biomass

Brief description of program 

The primary element of Professor Cherney’s research program is applied research in forage quality, management, and utilization to identify ways to profitably manage forage crops, taking all appropriate environmental concerns into consideration. Grass biomass is also being evaluated. Grass bioenergy would help to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, maintain open spaces, expand nutrient management options, enhance local energy security, reduce pesticide use, encourage species diversity, provide wildlife nesting options, and encourage rural development.

More information

Category: Agricultural, Agriculture/Farming, Bio-energy/-fuel/-gas, Biodiversity, Dairy and other livestock, Ecosystems, Energy, Land use, Research

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