Residential energy conservation outreach

Program or topic

Residential energy conservation outreach

Department(s) or unit(s)

Department of Design and Environmental Analysis

Contact information

Joseph Laquatra
Professor, Design and Environmental Analysis

Program goals

To educate homeowners, tenants, landlords, builders and other housing professionals about matters regarding sustainable building and energy conservation in the home.

Brief Description

Residential energy conservation is a critical part of efforts to reduce the human carbon footprint. Cornell scientists say two-thirds of residential energy use could be saved with no new technology. Extension Housing Specialist Joseph Laquatra heads the initiative to bring conservation home with his educational programs on sustainable aspects of housing, residential energy efficiency, and energy-efficient construction. Laquatra and his colleagues have presented workshops for homeowners, tenants, landlords, builders and other housing professionals throughout the state, teaching user-friendly methods to save energy and leading the state’s conservation effort at the personal level.

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Key publications:

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  • Laquatra, J. and M. Pierce (2011).  Toward more sustainable construction.  3-part series in iGreenbuild.  July, September, October.
  •  Laquatra, J. and M. Pierce (2011).  Waste management at the construction site. In S. Kumar (ed.), Integrated Waste Management, Volume I. InTech, pp. 281-300.
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Category: Conservation, Energy

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