Rice drought tolerance, climate resilience, and yield

Program or topic of research 

Rice drought tolerance, climate resilience, and yield

Department or unit 

Plant Breeding & Genetics

Contact information 

Susan McCouch
Professor, Plant Breeding & Genetics

Program goals

Develop Genomic understanding of yield, performance, and climate resilience characteristics in rice

Brief description of program 

Dr. McCouch’s research focuses on rice and includes publication of the first molecular map of the rice genome in 1988, early studies on disease resistance, drought tolerance, maturity and yield, cloning of genes underlying domestication traits, and demonstrating that low-yielding wild and exotic Oryza species harbor genes that can enhance the performance of modern, high-yielding cultivars. Susan is currently working on a study to characterize the genomic signatures for rice crop resilience in response to climate change in the U.S.  The study aims to use U.S. rice production as a model system to identify genomic signatures associated with rice climate resilience. Additionally, it will model rice yield distributions conditional on weather, location, and genome-wide genetic information using farm and county level yields in the four major rice-growing states in the U.S.

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Category: Agriculture/Farming, Plant breeding and genetics, Research

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