Soil nitrogen, carbon cycling, and agroecosystems

Program or topic of research 

Soil nitrogen, carbon cycling, and agroecosystems

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Laurie Drinkwater
Professor, Horticulture

Program goals 

Understanding biotic and abiotic controls of carbon and nitrogen cycling in soils to develop better management practices in intensive horticultural systems

Brief description of program 

Dr. Drinkwater’s research covers soil nutrient cycling processes in agroecosystems at scales ranging from the rhizosphere to farm and watershed scales. Mechanisms within the plant-soil-microbial continuum that control ecosystem processes such as energy flows and nutrient cycling are of particular focus. Her current research projects are focused on achieving a better understanding of the biotic and abiotic mechanisms regulating linkages between carbon and nitrogen cycles, with particular emphasis on symbiotic biological N-fixation, decomposition and mineralization, and microbially-mediated N transformations such as nitrification, denitrification. Additionally, her work is geared toward the development of management practices that improve soil quality while optimizing carbon and nitrogen cycling in intensive horticultural systems.

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Category: Agricultural, Agriculture/Farming, Ecosystems, Horticulture, Research

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