Teaching climate change through international agriculture

Program or topic of research

Teaching climate change through international agriculture

Department or unit

International Programs, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Contact information

Peter Hobbs
Adjunct Professor

Program goals

To make sure students are acquainted with the intricasies of climate change, what it may mean in the future production of food and livelihoods and what can be done to mitigate it.

Brief description of your program

I am responsible for the academic program for CALS International Programs, especially the International Agriculture and Rural Development (IARD) undergraduate major.

Climate change is a key component of the courses I teach. For example, we just completed an 18-day field trip with students to Southern Mexico where we can see the impact of climate change on many aspects of this region, including fisheries, mangroves, coffee, agroforestry, rainfall, storms, etc.

IP/CALS and the IARD major is designed to train the next generation of international development professionals through academic courses at Cornell and meaningful experiences overseas, mostly in developing countries. For climate change, it is important that students read and understand the various issues of this major future issue and be able to discuss the problems associated with it and possible mitigation strategies.

More information:

International Agriculture and Rural Development (IARD) major

Category: Agriculture/Farming, General, Research

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