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  • New York’s Changing Climate [4-page factsheet] - The Earth is warming and New York is too. Just as we are seeing unprecedented rates of change at the global level, we are also observing rapid change in New York, including rising temperatures and changing precipitation patterns, with effects on the natural world and human health. Intense rains and floods, summer droughts, and heat waves are more common than they were in our grandparents’ time. New York’s climate will continue to change over the next 10, 20, and 100 years. This factsheet details the expected effects on ecosystems, farming, human health, and infrastructure.


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  • Preparing for the Forests of the Future - Climate change will reshape our forests. But there is much we can do to help keep them healthy and productive while they adapt.
  • Climate Science – Basic information to help you and others better understand climate change issues.


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