Understanding the Views and Actions of U.S. Farmers Towards Climate Change

CICCA-RPB_Issue1_Understanding-the-Views-and-Actions-of-Ux150Understanding the Views and Actions of U.S. Farmers Towards Climate Change [4-page research and policy brief from the Cornell Institute for Climate Smart Solutions (CICCA) March 2016] - Many U.S. farmers have noticed changes in weather patterns and an increase in extreme weather, yet remain skeptical about climate change and the long-term risks it poses. Studies show the majority of farmers  believe that climate change is happening, but fewer farmers believe that climate change is human-caused than those who believe that climate change is occurring. Farmers generally more widely accept adaptation than mitigation measures, and their likelihood of supporting mitigation practices seems to be related to factors such as belief in human causation of climate change, concern for negative impacts of climate change, and the presence of economic incentives.

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