Urban Horticulture Institute (UHI)

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Urban Horticulture Institute (UHI)

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Nina Bassuk, professor and UHI director

Program goals

UHI’s mission is to improve the quality of urban life by enhancing the functions of plants within the urban ecosystem.

Brief Description

We integrate plant stress physiology, horticultural science, plant ecology and soil science and apply them to three broad areas of inquiry:

  • The selection, evaluation and propagation of superior plants with improved tolerance of biotic and abiotic stresses, and enhanced functional uses in the disturbed landscape.
  • Developing improved technologies for assessing and ameliorating site limitations to improve plant growth and development.
  • Developing improved transplant technologies to insure the successful establishment of plants in the urban environment.

Some ways our work helps address climate change issues include:

  • Promoting Urban Forestry to reduce energy use (cooling in summer and wind protection in winter, for example) in urban areas by choosing trees that are tolerant to urban stresses and ameliorating soil to enable trees to grow in pavement.
  • Combining the technologies of porous asphalt, CU-Structural Soil, and turf to design green parking lots that capture stormwater and cool air temperatures in the urban core.
  • Reduce energy needed to maintain urban trees and sequester carbon.

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Category: Carbon credits, sequestration, Conservation, Ecosystems, Energy, Land use, Plant breeding and genetics, Urban

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