When to invest in climate change adaptation strategies

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When to invest in climate change adaptation strategies

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Department of Applied Economics and Management

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Jon Conrad
Professor, Applied Economics and Management

Program goals

To study dynamic optimization as it applies to the management of resources with a specific focus on the development of theoretical models to determine the optimal time to invest in adaptation strategies to climate change.

Brief Description

Many natural and agricultural ecosystems are in a sense at equilibrium, and so any major shifts in the environment will cause these systems to become unbalanced. The vulnerability of different human populations and plant and animal species will depend on the speed of climate change and on the ability to adapt. With such changes, resource managers will be faced with new issues never before addressed. Jon Conrad’s research is helping resource managers prepare for climate change by using mathematical models and methods of dynamic optimization to improve resource allocation. Like many resources, the amount of energy and capital available for investment in adaptation strategies to climate change is limited, and so it is of great importance that we use these resources with the most efficiency possible.

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Key publications:

  • Conrad, Jon M., Smith, Martin D., 2012. Nonspatial and Spatial Models in Bioeconomics. Natural Resource Modeling. 25:No. 1. p. 52-92.
  • Conrad, Jon M. et al, 2012. Wildlife Corridors as a Connected Subgraph Problem. Journal of Environmental Economics and Management. 62: p. 1-18.

Category: Economics, Natural resources

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