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Ecological Footprints

This week our amazing “Residential Adult,” Danielle, was in Switzerland for work (I am so jealous. I need a job like that where I get to travel the world while also getting to help solve climate change!!!), making Down to Earth’s (DTE) second episode entirely student planned and run. This was my first experience podcasting, which ended up being both more and less daunting than I thought. On the one hand, Jake and Julie were both great co-hosts, fun to joke around with, and easy to talk too, which I think really showed in the recording and made the situation a little less intimidating for me. Our conversation was natural and I enjoyed talking to them. It was also fun running around doing little things, like figuring out how to shove three chairs into the tiny study room that we were recording in, or trying to work the microphone itself. On the other hand, I have been listening to podcasts for a long time, and it isn’t easy attempting to be like the professional ones that I hear on a daily basis. It’s scary to know that everything I say will be out there in the world for everyone to hear and judge. Every mistake I make, every time I accidentally interrupt someone or trip over my words, and more specifically to this episode of DTE, every time I cough, is recorded. Hopefully this is a “practice makes perfect” type of scenario, and I will become a better co-host as time goes on!

Overall, my main goal of being a part of the this podcast team was to increase the amount of free, accessible resources available, regarding sustainability and global warming. The world has a lot of challenges and issues to address, and if I can help in those efforts by educating the public about the things that I spend my day learning about and facilitating important conversations, all while using a goofy and fun tone, then I will consider my time with DTE a success.

Thanks for reading and listening!

Pamela Wildstein

Here is the link to the Ecological Footprint Calculator