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Breaking down Methane

In this episode, Julie, Jake, Marta and Danielle chat about greenhouse gas emissions, with a focus on methane. We discuss the impacts of methane and the need for greater reductions on not just carbon dioxide emissions but also methane. We also sit down with Professor Bob Howarth to discuss some of the activities here on campus, such as the use of natural gas as a gateway to cleaner forms of energy such as renewables. There has been a lot of discussion within the wider Ithaca community about the use of natural gas from fracked sources and the construction of new housing on North campus. We tap into that community discussion, while both Julie and Bob address some of the concerns raised by Cornell students and the wider Ithaca community.

Given the topic and the two forms of discussion this episode is slightly longer than some of our previous episodes, we do however, think the discussion is quite interesting and informative and therefore kept the longer format.  We did end up cutting out a riveting discussion on the use of natural deodorants as we waited for Bob to arrive. Hopefully we will incorporate that chat elsewhere in a bloopers episode! Keep listening and help us spread the word!