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Let’s Kill Halloween

In this episode, Marta, Pam and I talk about ways you can be more eco-friendly this Halloween. We discuss several ways in which current Halloween habits have negative implications for the environment, ranging from toxic plastics in costumes and decorations to food waste from pumpkin carving.  The tips we give are simple changes that will make your Halloween more eco-friendly and fun!


Before doing research for this episode, I had never questioned my Halloween habits or any other norms concerning Halloween or other holidays. Now that am I aware of how many traditional Halloween habits are bad for the environment and how easy it is to change my behavior to make my Halloween more eco-friendly, I am excited to share that information. All it takes is a little forethought about your decisions and the implications of them to ensure that you are more eco-friendly in your day-to-day lives, especially on holidays!


Listen to find out how you can green your Halloween and what we are all dressing up as this year!


Thanks for reading and have a spooky, fun and eco-friendly Halloween!

– Jake Brenner


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